Preferential Allotment

Private Equity

Public markets are generally tapped by companies that are in a mature and growth phase where they are transparent, open to questions, public limelight as well as answerable to Institutional Investors. This implies that companies require access to capital provided by venture capital funds, private equity funds, and private investors especially in its early stages. We at Protonedge assist companies access the pool of capital in the form private placement of equity/debt to raise funds, assist in valuation and negotiation of terms that may be mutually beneficial to both the parties.
How Protonedge helps you in Private Equity/ Preferential allotment?
Private Equity play a crucial role in the Indian economy, and the Indian government, along with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), has taken several measures to promote their growth and development, including facilitating access to public capital through IPOs. We help the client while he is going for Private Equity in the following manners:
We prepare the client’s Pitch-deck and one-pager.
We evaluate the data and the financials, make correct valuations for private equity/ preferential allotment.
Based on the client’s profile we connect with the right Merchant bankers or investors.
We once connect with merchant bankers upon their confirmation we also facilitate the due diligence and valuation
We connect the client with the right share registrar for share registry services.
Co-ordination for SEBI & Registrar of companies Approval