Outsourced Right Issue

Right Issue

A company issues right shares to its existing shareholders in proportion to their shareholdings in order to raise subscribed capital. The company offers these shares at a price lower than the prevailing market price of its shares. By this method, a company can raise funds without incurring any additional cost. Moreover, the right issue is a more feasible option than borrowing money from banks or financial institutions as it involves fewer documentation and compliance requirements. We at Protonedge assist companies access the capital requirements from the existing investors, assist in valuation of companies and other regulatory requirements.
Why choose Protonedge for the right issue?
Right Issue play a crucial role in the Indian economy, and the Indian government, along with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), has taken several measures to promote their growth and development, including facilitating access to public capital through IPOs. We help the client while he is going for Right Issue in the following manners:
We evaluate the data and the financials, make correct valuations for private equity/ preferential allotment.
Based on the client’s profile we connect with the right Merchant bankers or investors.
We once connect with merchant bankers upon their confirmation we also facilitate the due diligence and valuation.
We advise on the additional fund requirements of the client and prepare them for the right issue.
We connect the client with the right share registrar for share registry services.
Coordination & compliance with SEBI & Registrar of companies requirement.